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Did you know that coffee bean infused oils can be used to help wake your skin cells? That's right, not only does this magic bean turn us all into superstars in the morning with our morning cuppa, but when applied topicallly can have the same awakening effect on your skin.

Coffee bean infused oil aids in the formation of natural collagen and elastin. For this reason it is the main character in this light and deliciously aromatic undereye oil. 


Made with a 3 month long infusion of coffee beans, chaga mushrooms, vanilla beans, turmeric and cinnamon, this jojoba and grapeseed oil based roller will truly elevate your skincare ritual. 


Truth be smells so good it would make a great natural perfume too!


To use: Shake well and apply undereyes to help liven skin and waken the senses. 

Vanilla Bean & Coffee Undereye Oil

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