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Let your beauty shine with clean, herbal skincare


Botanical Soaking Salts

These products are one of our most popular and and are formulated to address a myriad of concerns. High quality ingredients like Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salts, and a variety of quality dried botanicals like rose petals, lavender, lady’s mantle, chamomile, hibiscus & calendula.


Salves & Balms

Herbal formulations in their simplest form! Each salve/balm is formulated with specific intentions in mind. Whether it's something to help with an ailment or something to incorporate into your self care ritual. Here, herbal oil infusions combine with beeswax or butters like shea, cocoa & mango to create a smooth, cream like texture to apply where needed.


Facial Serums & Oils

Infused oils are a simple yet luxurious way to help your skin regain or retain its integrity. Incorporating serums into your skincare practice is a great way to target issues or provide a very specific action such as brightening, firming or hydrating. Herbal infused facial oils are great for daily use as a cleanser and/or moisturizer.



Healthy moisturized skin begins on the inside, however helping your largest organ out a bit by applying a deeply nourishing moisturizer won’t hurt!

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"The plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision"
- Rosemary Gladstar

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About Us

Looking Glass Apothecary is a small, locally owned start up nestled in the beautifully magical mountains of Asheville,Nc. What started as a way to connect with nature, has turned into a passion for sharing natural products and curating thoughtfully crafted botanical skin and body care. Each product is made in small batches to ensure optimal  freshness  and potency. All formulations are created after extensive research on the plants used and their benefits. As my knowledge deepens about the herbal world, formulations may be revisited along with new, more complex products becoming available. My hope is to offer items that are easily & joyfully incorporated into your daily or weekly self care rituals. Feel free to reach out for custom formulations or with any questions.

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